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Upcoming Programs

Magistrates and Tribunals Orientation Program

Date: 19 to 21-Aug-2015

This program offers professional development, reflection, interactive workshops, and the opportunity to meet Magistrates and Tribunal Members from other jurisdictions.

Self Represented Litigants International Online Program

Date: 14-Sep to 15-Oct-2015

This 6 week online program is a partnership between the Council of Australasian Tribunals and the National Judicial College of Australia. The program is designed to assist participants with their decision making process, write reasons that are clear and easy to understand and enhance their ability to recognise potential pitfalls in the decision making process.

Dialogues on Being a Judge Program

Date: 7 to 9-Oct-2015

This three day program has been developed specifically for mid career judges and magistrates to provide an opportunity for them to examine their approach to their work through the exploration of a number of contemporary themes.

This program concludes in time for people who may wish to attend the Judicial Conference of Australia Colloquium in Adelaide 9-11th October.

Judicial Leadership Program 2015

Date: 29 to 30-Oct-2015

The aim of this program is to assist judges and tribunal members with management responsibilities to develop their leadership skills.

Early Bird Notification

Expressions of interest are now open for the ANU/NJCA Sentencing Conference, 6-7 February 2016.

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‘The standard of the presentations and sessions were of a uniformly high standard unlike any other conference I have ever attended.’