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Upcoming Programs

Witness Assessment Program

Date: 18 to 19-Sep-2014

The workshop style program encourages a rigorous and evidence-based approach to the assessment of witnesses with an emphasis on the topics of reliability and credibility. Expert speakers will also discuss the effect of some social and cultural factors on witness assessment. At the completion of the program participants will be able to make more accurate decisions about witness reliability and credibility and communicate their findings in cogent, reasoned judgments.

360 Degree Feedback

Date: 6-Oct-2014 to 30-Oct-2015

360 degree feedback is a process in which participants receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. It is an opportunity to recognise and reflect on strengths and weaknesses and use the results to improve both efficiency and personal satisfaction.

There are no set dates for the feedback process, when there are sufficient numbers of interested people, the College can start the process.

Leadership Program for Heads of Jurisdiction

Date: 23 to 24-Oct-2014

The aim of this program is to assist heads of jurisdiction to develop their leadership skills. The program is very interactive and along with expert presenters will involve exchange of experience between participants.

Understanding and Managing People in Court

Date: 6 to 7-Nov-2014

This program is suitable for presiding judges and tribunal members. It focuses on techniques to promote behavioural change in parties and communications skills for solution focused judging.


‘The standard of the presentations and sessions were of a uniformly high standard unlike any other conference I have ever attended.’