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Upcoming Programs

Jury Management

Date: 14 to 15-Nov-2014

The two day interactive forum on jury management will enable participating judges to explore and develop more effective and efficient jury management practices. Topics to be covered include effective communication with juries, dealing with issues during the trial, effectively delivering the charge and dealing with longer jury trials.

Seen and Heard: Children and the Courts (ANU/NJCA Joint Conference)

Date: 7 to 8-Feb-2015

This conference will explore the common areas of interest between child protection and family law under the themes of ‘communication by, with and about children’. The Conference has been designed for judicial officers, legal practitioners, child protection and welfare officers, teachers, psychologists psychiatrists, medical and nursing practitioners and all who have an interest in the welfare of children.

Writing Better Judgments Program

Date: 18 to 20-Mar-2015

This program is designed to enhance participants’ judgment writing skills through analysis, discussion and rewriting of judgments in small groups. The workshop groups will be assisted by professional writers and senior judges.

Leadership Program for Specialist Courts

Date: 13 to 15-Apr-2015

The aim of this program is to assist judges and tribunal members with management responsibilities to develop their leadership skills. The program is very interactive and along with expert presenters will involve exchange of experience between participants.


‘The standard of the presentations and sessions were of a uniformly high standard unlike any other conference I have ever attended.’