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Upcoming Programs

Family Violence in the Court 2017 – 2018

Date: TBA

This one day, face to face training program provides guidance and promotes best practice for the judiciary when dealing with cases involving domestic violence.

Information on understanding the complainant / perpetrator, judicial responsibilities in the courtroom and communication from the bench will be delivered, along with a courtroom scenario that will engage participants and lead discussion on key issues relevant to courtroom control.

Please click the heading for a program overview.

For further information or to secure a training date, please email NJCA’s Family Violence Program Manager, Jane Armstrong at jane.armstrong@anu.edu.au

Dialogues on Being a Judge 2017

Date: 4 to 6-Oct-2017

This two and a half day residential program has been developed specifically for experienced (mid career) judges and magistrates. It will provide an opportunity for judicial officers to reflect and share with colleagues their approaches to their work through the exploration of contemporary themes. Further details will be available early in the new year.

National Judicial Orientation Program October 2017

Date: 22 to 27-Oct-2017

The National Judicial Orientation Program has been presented every year since 1994. The program has been developed by a steering committee of experienced judges and judicial education professionals drawn from courts and educational bodies throughout Australia. The primary objective of the program is to assist newly appointed judicial officers with their transition to judicial office by facilitating the development and refinement of the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for effective judging.

Jury Management 2017

Date: 24 to 25-Nov-2017

This program is aimed at judges with fewer than five years’ experience. The purpose of the program is to look at ways of dealing with the many practical issues connected with managing a jury in the course of a jury trial.




We are undertaking a comprehensive review of our website and associated business processes.

The Joint NJCA/ANU Conference held on 4 and 5 March 2017 in Canberra was a resounding success. Papers from the conference will be posted to our website soon.

A Judicial committee has been established to develop an oral judgments program. The Program will be held in 2018. Please register your interest to receive more information.

The next Writing Better Judgments program will be in Perth from 19 to 21 March 2018.  Registrations will open in October.

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‘A great opportunity to think outside the usual square. Stimulating, enjoyable and interesting. Balance was just right.’

Dialogues on Being a Judge Program October 2015