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NJCA Staff

NJCA Staff

Ms Kate Latimer

Chief Executive Officer
02 6125 6656

Kate leads the NJCA office and works closely with the Council on College governance. She looks after international relations, the Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Program for incoming heads of jurisdiction, and manages the National Indigenous Awareness Committee.

Mr Andrew Henderson

Education Director

Andrew evaluate and reports on educational programs conducted by NJCA

Ms Breanna Minisini

Junior Program Manager
02 6125 0663

Breanna manages programs such as Writing Better Judgments, Refresher Judgment Writing, Effective Judicial Presentations, Reflections on the Judicial Function and Jury Management.

Ms Amber Mercer

Office Manager
02 6125 1396

Amber ensures the smooth running of the office, provides administrative support to Program Managers and manages the NJCA accounts.

Ms Ellie McEwan

Admin And Events Coordinator
02 6125 6655

Ellie ensures the smooth running of events and provides administrative support to Program Managers.