Programs Advisory Committee

The Programs Advisory Committee (PAC) oversees the work of the various planning committees that develop and present programs.  PAC determines the priorities for the development of new programs and advises the Council and committees on educational methods.

The current members of the Programs Advisory Committee are:

Chief Magistrate Steven Heath
Magistrates’ Court of Western AustraliaChair
Magistrate Alison Adair
Magistrates Court of Adelaide
Judge Tom Altobelli
Federal Circuit Court of Australia
Professor Stephen Bottomley
Dean, ANU College of LawAustralian National University
Justice John Dowsett AM
Federal Court of Australia
Judge Frank Gucciardo
County Court of Victoria
Magistrate Andree Horrigan
Children’s Court of Western Australia
Ms Wendy Kukulies-Smith
ANU College of Law
Justice Glenn Martin
Supreme Court of Queensland
Chief Judge Geoff Muecke
District Court of South Australia
Justice James Stevenson
Supreme Court of New South Wales