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Applying Family Law to Parenting and Property Program

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Applying Family Law to Parenting and Property is a one and a half day face to face national training program for magistrates, consisting of nine modules that cover 35 topics in total. One central scenario runs through the parenting and property topics providing judicial officers with opportunities for theoretical discussion and practical application during the face to face delivery.
The main actors will be recorded as they role play segments of the scenario and a diverse group of subject matter experts (SME’s) will impart their knowledge and experience relevant to the topic, in sync with the scenario via video clip format (vignettes’). These short film clips are to be embedded into the power point slides for face to face delivery and subsequently the eLearning modules.
Judicial officers are to be supported by eLearning modules that will be available on the NJCA training portal by the end of August. Training delivery dates are available from April 2018 through to June 2019.
The Magistrates Court of the ACT will be the first to pilot this program in late April, closely following by the Magistrates Court of Victoria in June. The NJCA’s volunteer judicial presenters will head to Perth in November to deliver this program to the Magistrates Court and Children’s Court of Western Australia.
The Magistrates Court of Tasmania has planned to undertake this training in April 2019.
For further information please contact program manager Janie Armstrong