Leadership October 2015

‘A thoroughly rewarding experience. Great educational value.’

Dialogues on Being a Judge Program October 2015

‘This program is outstanding. It sets a standard for all such programs, in my view’

Dialogues on Being a Judge Program October 2015

‘A great opportunity to think outside the usual square. Stimulating, enjoyable and interesting. Balance was just right.’

Online Coroners Program 2014

‘This program directly motivated me to change most aspects of my practices in relation to Coronial work. I am now far more confident and efficient and have started to clear a backlog.’

Online Coroners Program 2014

‘I liked the social environment, it was easy to use and it made for a great forum to see other participants’ comments and to interact in a meaningful way.’

Witness Reliability and Credibility Program September 2014

‘I believe I’m better equipped now to evaluate evidence.’ ‘The program made me think critically about what I do most days and has made me aware of my shortcomings.’

Leadership Program for Heads of Jurisdiction October 2014

‘This was a very useful and informative programme.’ ‘This program helped me establish medium/long term objectives and a plan to achieve them.’

Jury Management Program November 2014

‘Well communicated and very interesting. I was very receptive to the ideas and will try to implement many of them.’

National Judicial Orientation Program June 2014

‘The standard of the presentations and sessions were of a uniformly high standard unlike any other conference I have ever attended.’

Writing Better Judgments Program March 2014

‘One of the best professional development courses I have ever attended.’  ‘Practical and helpful – will never write a judgment in the same way again (hopefully).’