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Conference 2019 Judges: Angry? Biased? Burned Out?


2–3 Mar 2019




$520 (Early Bird)
$140 (Student Price)


Everyone welcome

Conference 2019 Judges: Angry? Biased? Burned Out?

Courtrooms and tribunal hearing rooms are emotion-charged arenas. Decision-makers with relentless workloads get angry; litigants get angry; practitioners get angry. In the midst of all this emotion what happens to impartiality? Are decision-makers affected by implicit bias? Does burnout affect decision making and if so how do you avoid it?


  • Judge Andrew J Wistrich, California Central District Court
  • Justice Stephen Gageler AC, High Court of Australia
  • Judge Felicity Hampel, County Court of Victoria
  • Dr Heather Conway, Queens University Belfast


Early bird registrations will be available until 9am Monday 14th January, 2019.


Planning Committee Members


1. How do I register for this conference?

Registration for this program is electronic via the REGISTER button on this website.

2. What are my costs to attend this conference?

The cost for this conference is listed above which includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks/canapes on Saturday along with morning tea and lunch on Sunday.

3. How is my participation confirmed?

You will receive an email and invoice/receipt once your registration is received and payment is confirmed.

4. Is it possible to make arrangements for special requirements, including dietary or other?

Yes, provided the College has sufficient notice to arrange it.

There is a space on the registration form for you to note these requirements.

Please be aware that dependent on the request, the participant may be required to bear extra costs.

5. Does the college organise flights and accommodation for conference attendees?

No, individual participants are required to arrange their own flights and accommodation.

6. When should I book my flights?

The registration desk will open at 8:30am on Saturday 2nd March and the conference will close at approx 1pm on Sunday 3rd March followed by lunch.

You will need to factor in the conferences official open/close, local traffic and airline terms and conditions of arrival and departure to estimate how much time you need to allow.

7. Will I need to pay for parking at the venue?

Yes.  Participants responsible for their own parking costs.

8. If I am unable to attend the conference for any reason, is the fee refunded?

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

9. What is the dress code?

The required dress code is smart casual.

10. Will I have access to the internet whilst at the conference?

Yes.  There will be WiFi available to conference participants.

11. Can I bring my partner to the conference drinks?

Partners are welcome to attend the drinks function for a small additional fee.

Please email for further information.

12. Can I attend just some of the sessions for a reduced fee?

No.  A full conference fee is payable regardless of how many sessions you attend.

13. Will I need to bring an electronic device such as a laptop with me?

No, you are however welcome to bring a device to take notes.

Please note that recording of presentations is not permitted.

14. Will I receove a copy of the presentations?

Where a presenter gives permission, digital copies of their presentations/papers will be made available either via email or the NJCA website.

15. Where can I get further information or assistance?

Please contact the NJCA administration team via email: