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New Perspectives on Judicial Leadership in the Courtroom


22–23 Nov 2018


Sydney, NSW





New Perspectives on Judicial Leadership in the Courtroom

The National Judicial College of Australia has developed a new two-day program to promote judicial leadership in the Courtroom.

The program will enable participants to:

  • Understand how their judicial role may be conceptualised as one of leadership in the courtroom;
  • Enhance their existing judicial skills, making them more effective leaders within the courtroom;
  • Acquire new skills for leadership within the courtroom;
  • Acquire greater confidence in their ability to manage the courtroom; and;
  • Become more aware of their personal resources for managing the unexpected.

This program may be of particular benefit to judges who you believe are capable of increasing their leadership skills, as well as those judges who wish to obtain a deeper understanding of courtroom dynamics.

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