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Reflections on the Judicial Function 2019


2–4 Oct 2019






Judges and Magistrates

Reflections on the Judicial Function 2019

(previously titled Dialogues on Being a Judge)

2 to 4 October 2019, Adelaide

Registrations are now open for this two and a half day residential program, developed specifically for experienced (mid career) judges and magistrates. It provides an opportunity for judicial officers to reflect and share with colleagues their approaches to their work through the exploration of contemporary themes.

Sessions include whether and how the judiciary should respond to significant pressures on judicial independence and on the rule of law, and include discussion about the approach of President Trump to the American Judiciary.  Guest speakers include Professor Rosalind Dixon, University of NSW, Dr Steven Welch, University of Melbourne, and Dr Murray Wesson, University of Western Australia.

Professor Glenda Halliday, The University of Sydney School of Medicine will provide insights into rapid developments in the neurosciences and where current Australian research is heading. Judge Gertner, Harvard University of Law School (via video link) will shed light on the impact of these developments on US law.  Distinguished Professor Isabel Karpin and Dr Karen O’Connell, University of Technology  Law Health Justice Centre, will consider the potential impact on Australian law and the cases which have responded to advances in the neurosceinces.

Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, University of NSW, will discuss automated predictions, inference and decision-making. Justice Stephen Gageler will lead the case study discussion.

A book club discussion will provide participants with an opportunity to defend and test the bold claims of the American polymath, Judge Richard Posner, who contends that reading outside the law makes for a better judge.

Course numbers have been set at a maximum of thirty participants.

Planning Committee Members

How is my participation confirmed?

You will receive an email and invoice once your registration is received and payment is confirmed.

Is it possible to make arrangements for special requirements, including dietary or other?

Yes, provided the College has sufficient notice to arrange it.

There is a space on the registration form for you to note these requirements.

Does the College organise travel arrangements for program participants?

No, individual participants should arrange their own travel.

If I am unable to attend the program is the fee refunded to my court?

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

What is the dress code for attendance at College programs?

Smart casual unless otherwise advised.

Do I pay for incidental expenditure at the hotel?

You will pay for this on checkout.

Please note that most hotels require an imprint of your credit card when checking in, to cover incidental expenditure that is individually incurred.

Can I bring my partner?

Accommodation providers may charge a room service fee. Such costs must be borne by the participant.

Your partner is most welcome to attend one of the dinners with you. The cost for this is $120 which will be invoiced to you via email.

Will I need to bring an electronic device such as a laptop with me?

The College encourages participants to bring their laptop or any other suitable electronic device to access materials at programs.

Will I receive hard copy materials?

The College may provide session handouts at programs, however all other materials including the participants manual is available electronically.

Do I need to submit any documents?

Some programs send out a pre-program questionaire or ask that you submit a written judgment.

The Program Manager will advise of such requirements in advance of the program.

Where can I get help?

Contact the NJCA administrative team: