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New Perspectives on Courtroom Leadership 2018

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The National Judicial College of Australia will present a two-day program about highly effective judicial leadership in the courtroom.  The purpose of this Program is to help participants to lead and manage their courtrooms with confidence.

This program provides:

  • An engaging and enjoyable learning experience aimed at improving judicial officers’ leadership and management skills
  • Facilitation by judges and professional experts with substantial experience in communication, courtroom facilitation and managing high emotions
  • Delivery of content using relevant practical tools and tips for dealing with unforeseen situations
  • A high level of interactivity

This program will assist participants to:

  • Enhance existing judicial leadership skills
  • Understand and conceptualise the judicial role of leadership
  • Gain applied skills and knowledge to increase courtroom effectiveness
  • Acquire the required confidence as the leader of the courtroom and,
  • Maximise personal resources to deal with the unexpected more effectively and efficiently