International Judicial Education

Some Australian based organisations are involved in providing judicial education to international courts.

The Federal Court of Australia provides assistance to judiciaries in Asia and the South Pacific. In particular, the Court conducts the Pacific Judicial Development Program. Please view the Program newsletters for more information. 

The Asia Pacific Judicial Reform Forum involves Australian and Asia Pacific senior courts. Its aim is cooperation and technical assistance to support regional judicial reform. The project brings together the senior judiciaries of Asian-Pacific countries under the umbrella of a commitment to undertake significant judicial reform by providing practical assistance in priority areas including expedition of cases, judicial education/development, judicial independence and access to justice. The secretariat can be contacted by email to:

Some international bodies involved in judicial education are: 

The International Organisation for Training of the Judiciary

The Organisation is a global organization dedicated to providing training and continuing education for judges, with a view to promoting the rule of law and encouraging and assisting in the establishment of judicial institutes where none exist. For further information please visit the IOJT Conference website.

Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute

 The Institute was established in 1998 to:

  • provide support and linkage among existing Commonwealth judicial education bodies;

  • encourage the sharing of information, human and fiscal resources inter-nationally and inter-regionally;

  • maintain linkages with American judicial education bodies to share information and resources;

  • encourage the establishment of new national and regional judicial education bodies in the Commonwealth;

  • develop programs and teaching tools for the use of all;

  • deliver judicial education programs at the invitation of the Chief Justice in partnership with national judicial education bodies;

  • organize study tours of justice systems and judicial education processes;

  • encourage interaction among judges and jurisdictions;

  • provide sustainable infrastructure for judicial education;

Asia Pacific Judicial Educators Forum


Links to International Judicial Education Organisations

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European Judicial Training Network

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