Judicial Education Bodies in Australia

There are several judicial education bodies in Australia:   

Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration

The AIJA is a research and educational institute associated with Monash University. The AIJA undertakes  research into judicial administration and develops and presents educational programmes for judicial officers, court administrators and members of the legal profession in relation to court administration and judicial systems.

Judicial Commission of New South Wales

The Judicial Commission of NSW was established under the Judicial Officers Act  1986 (NSW). Its principal functions include assisting the courts to provide, consistency in sentencing, providing education and training for judicial officers, and to examine complaints agains judicial officers.   

Judicial College of Victoria

The Judicial College of Victoria was established under the Judicial College of Victoria Act 2001.  The College provides judicial education and professional development for the judges and magistrates of the Victorian Courts and also for the members of the Victoiran Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Judicial Conference of Australia

The Judicial Conference of Australia was established in 1993 . The Conference consists of judges and magistrates drawn from all jurisdictions and levels of the Australian court system.Its objects relate to the public interest in maintaining a strong and independent judiciary within a democratic society that adheres to the rule of law.