Judgment Writing (this program is now fully subscribed)

Date: 19 to 21-Mar-2014

This program is designed to enhance participants’ (judicial officers and legally qualified Tribunal members) judgment writing skills through analysis, discussions and rewriting of judgments in small groups. The workshop groups will be assisted by professional writers and senior judges.

Witness Assessment Program

Date: 18 to 19-Sep-2014

The workshop style program encourages a rigorous and evidence-based approach to the assessment of witnesses with an emphasis on the topics of reliability and credibility. Expert speakers will also discuss the effect of some social and cultural factors on witness assessment. At the completion of the program participants will be able to make more accurate decisions about witness reliability and credibility and communicate their findings in cogent, reasoned judgments.

National Magistrates Orientation Program 2017

Date: 4 to 8-Sep-2017

This five day program, previously called the Phoenix Magistrates Program, is open to magistrates only, providing an opportunity for professional development, reflection, workshops and to meet magistrates from other jurisdictions. It will have a strong emphasis on using the knowledge and skills of people who are familiar with the challenges inherent in the work of a magistrate.