Online Coroners Program

Date: 1-Apr to 15-May-2013

The online social learning nature of this program will provide many opportunities for everyone in the program to interact and share questions, comments, ideas and experiences.

Child Pornography on the Internet: International Perspectives

Date: 19-Feb to 22-Mar-2013

The international online program regarding child pornography (CP) will explore the international phenomenon of the abuse of children via the internet. This will include child pornography offences (making, distribution, importing and possession), as well as offences such as luring.

Online Coronial Program

Date: 14-Jul to 29-Aug-2014

This program is suitable for new part time coroners. An online community of peers and experts will share experiences and knowledge while considering the core components of coronial work. Participants will be reviewing session material, case studies and interacting with two expert facilitators, Michael Barnes, NSW State Coroner and Hugh Dillon, NSW Deputy State Coroner.

Online Decision Making Program

Date: 4-May-2015

This 6 week online program is a partnership between the Council of Australasian Tribunals and the National Judicial College of Australia. The program is designed to assist participants with their decision making process, write reasons that are clear and easy to understand and enhance their ability to recognise potential pitfalls in the decision making process.

Self Represented Litigants International Online Program

Date: 14-Sep to 15-Oct-2015