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National Magistrates Orientation Program 2019

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“The course was highly relevant, fast paced and very engaging.”[2018]

This program, open to magistrates within 18 months of their appointment, aims to provide new magistrates with the knowledge and skills to facilitate their transition to a role at the magisterial bench.

This five day program has been designed by an organising committee of experienced magistrates with the primary objective of assisting newly appointed magistrates with their transition the bench. There is a strong emphasis in the program on providing participants with an opportunity to practice their craft in a collegiate and supportive environment. This is balanced with the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts on topics such as Family & Domestic Violence, Vexatious Litigants in Person, Cultural Barriers etc. Participants have an opportunity to explore their own magisterial style as well as benefit from the thoughts and experience of their peers and seasoned facilitators at the program.

The program runs annually in Brisbane. Tentative dates for 2019 are Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September. Click the button above to express your interest in attending this program.

Feedback to the 2018 program:

“The presenters were fantastic. They are to be commended for their willingness to share … and their ability to provide such positive and helpful feedback. The culture was extremely supportive.”

 “I enjoyed all the sessions, especially the role plays in Court. Having the opportunity to receive constructive criticism from the facilitators and my peers was very helpful and rewarding.”

 “The practical sessions on ex tempore judgments and difficult litigants [were of most value to me], because these enabled me to work on areas of concern for me. I was also able to gauge that I was performing as expected amongst my peers, which was validating feedback.”


To express your interest please visit HERE