March 2017

Papers for: Joint NJCA / ANU Conference 2017: Brave New Worlds

Date: 4 to 5-Mar-2017

The 2017 annual conference explored emerging research and issues in the areas of identification and evidence. Click on the conference title above to access these materials. More materials will be added soon.

Next year’s conference will focus on Sentencing. We welcome your suggestions for the 2018 Sentencing and 2019 conferences.

February 2016

Papers for: Current Issues in Sentencing Conference – 6-7 February 2016

Date: 6 to 7-Feb-2016

The conference will focus upon sentencing in the context of:

* sentencing and neuroscience – using neuro psychological evidence as a mitigating factor at sentence;
* Indigenous Australians – looking through the Indigenous lens, pathways to and from offending
* women in prison in Australia – can sentencing of women who are victims of abuse accommodate the social problems that underpin the offending? Is enough being done to keep women offenders from returning to prison? and;
* domestic violence cases – do crimes committed in the domestic context attract a lesser sentence than for other offences of comparable violence and, do specialist family violence courts actually work?

Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Kate Warner AM is the key note speaker and will open the program.

Papers for: Seen and Heard: Children and the Courts (ANU/NJCA Joint Conference)

Date: 7 to 8-Feb-2015

This conference will explore the common areas of interest between child protection and family law under the themes of ‘communication by, with and about children’. The Conference has been designed for judicial officers, legal practitioners, child protection and welfare officers, teachers, psychologists psychiatrists, medical and nursing practitioners and all who have an interest in the welfare of children.

Papers for: ANU/NJCA Conference: Sentencing from theory to practice

Date: 8 to 9-Feb-2014

This biennial conference explored current issues in sentencing and is jointly presented by the National Judicial College and the ANU.

Papers for: Managing People in Court Conference 2013

Date: 9 to 10-Feb-2013

Papers from the Managing People in Court Conference 2013

Papers for: 10th Annual Jury Conference 2013

Date: 8-Feb-2013

Papers from the 10th Annual Jury Conference 2013.

Papers for: Federal Crime and Sentencing Conference 2012

Date: 11 to 12-Feb-2012

Papers from the Federal Crime and Sentencing Conference 2012.

Papers for: Expert Evidence Conference 2011

Date: 12 to 13-Feb-2011

Papers from the Expert Evidence Conference 2011

October 2009

Papers for: 4th International Organisation for Judicial Training (IOJT) Conference

Date: 26 to 30-Oct-2009

Papers from the 4th International Organisation for Judicial Training (IOJT) Conference

February 2009

Papers for: Judicial Reasoning: Art or Science Conference 2009

Date: 7 to 8-Feb-2009

Papers from the Judicial Reasoning Program