360 Degree Feedback

Date: 6-Oct-2014 to 30-Oct-2015
Cost: TBA


360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback is a process in which participants receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work with them. It is an opportunity to recognise and reflect on strengths and weaknesses and use the results to improve both efficiency and personal satisfaction.

There are no set dates for the feedback process, when there are sufficient numbers of interested people, the College can start the process.  Unlike previous programs this does not include a communication workshop, which may be offered later.

Why 360 degree feedback for Judicial Officers?

Judicial officers often find it difficult to obtain honest and genuine feedback. The aim of this process is to provide judicial officers with the opportunity to improve their communication skills through professionally conducted feedback.

How is 360% feedback structured?

The opportunity for feedback is available for the remainder of this year and throughout 2015, provided there are a small number of participants to carry out the process.  Initially, participants meet as a group by teleconference with the facilitator, Ms Maryanne Mooney, and a member of the NJCA secretariat to discuss the nature, type and topics for feedback. Each participant then chooses between 10 – 12 ‘raters’. These are people who are in a position to have observed the participant’s communication and other skills in a work context. There are four categories of ‘raters’: 

  • Peers/colleagues (Judicial)
  • Peers (non- judicial)
  • Non-Judicial Colleagues
  • The legal profession

When participants submit their lists to the NJCA, the secretariat contacts the raters, to seek their consent to participate in the process.

The NJCA secretariat briefs the raters and confirms their contact details. These are then sent to Fullcircle feedback (the company the College engages to develop and conduct the survey: www.fullcirclefeedback.com) and a password-protected link is sent to each rater who completes the survey electronically. The results for each participant are collated and put into a report by Maryanne Mooney, the psychologist who discusses the results in a confidential meeting with the participant (via phone or Skype).

The Facilitator: Ms Maryanne Mooney

Maryanne Mooney has worked as an organisational psychologist/management consultant for the past twenty years. Her expertise is in leadership and organisational development and the 360-degree feedback tool ‘Full Circle Feedback’ was designed by Maryanne. The program is web-based with supporting consulting  tools, and Maryanne has adapted it to suit the judicial environment;

Maryanne has worked with the Judicial College of Victoria conducting individual and group 360 degree feedback processes with Supreme  Court Judges, County Court Judges and Magistrates; the program is  now offered by the National Judicial College of Australia and The Judicial Commission of NSW.

Maryanne has also participated in presenting on a range of topics at many Judicial Education  events. Topics include: Decision Making for Judicial Officers, Managing Stress, Building Resilience and Well Being in a Demanding Role and How to Stay Motivated in a Job for Life. Maryanne has also facilitated Board meetings and planning exercises for the Judicial College of Victoria which involved all Heads of Jurisdictions.


The process has been designed to provide maximum confidentiality. Raters provide information only to the facilitator. The facilitator discloses the information only to the participant and only in a form which prevents the raters being identified. The participant has the only copy of the confidential report, and all data obtained in the survey is destroyed.

Comments from previous participants

“I was initially apprehensive about attending this program for many reasons. Now I can say that it was truly amazing, has assisted me tremendously to analyse my behaviour and, as the Ancient Greeks said ‘to know oneself.’ “

“When I took part in the program I had been a judge for just on 7 years. I was conscious of the lack of feedback on my performance in that period. I found the process a confronting one but worth it to find out what others considered were deficiencies or positives in how I worked so that I could try to improve my work practices.”

“It is difficult to assess your own strengths and weaknesses. The survey provided invaluable (and, occasionally, surprising) feedback. After 15 years on the bench, for the first time I received genuine feedback from the profession. Among other things, I learned that I could forget about an aspect of my communication that had always troubled me! . I highly recommend the Program to all judicial officers, regardless of their experience and perceived communication skills.”

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