Child Pornography on the Internet: International Perspectives

Date: 19-Feb to 22-Mar-2013
Cost: $300.00


The international online program regarding child pornography (CP) will explore the international phenomenon of the abuse of children via the internet. This will include child pornography offences (making, distribution, importing and possession), as well as offences such as luring. 

The course will cover such topics as:

  • Classifying child pornography offences
  • Discussion of “child grooming”
  • Entrapment with respect to the offence of luring
  • Issues when trans-border offences are involved
  • Issues when the victims are not identifiable
  • The mechanics of disseminating CP over the internet, developments in the technology behind the offending
  • Comparative sentencing practices
  • Difficulty in determining levels of culpability
  • How to manage contested hearings when there is a large volume of evidentiary material

Program structure

The program runs for five weeks, February 19 to March 22, 2013.

This program is asynchronous. This means that participants can log-in over the Internet at anytime and anywhere – working through the content at their own pace through the Program.

This course comprises of five sessions. Each session runs for a week. Each session will start on a Monday 9:00 a.m and finish on a Sunday 12:00 a.m.
It is recommended that each participant spend two hours of work on each session, including time for reading, individual study and participation in discussions.