Dialogues on Being a Judge Program

Date: 7 to 9-Oct-2015
Cost: $3,100.00
Venue: Mt Lofty House Adelaide Hills



This three day program has been developed specifically for mid career judges and magistrates to provide an opportunity for them to examine their approach to their work through the exploration of a number of contemporary themes. 

This program concludes in time for people who may wish to attend the Judicial Conference of Australia Colloquium in Adelaide 9-12th October 2015

  • The role of the Australian judiciary in the Australian polity – This session aims to stimulate consideration of the role of individual judges, the Courts and the Judiciary in relation to the maintenance of the rule of law in Australian society. It will canvas the responsibilities of the Australian judiciary and the community’s expectations of the judiciary.
  • The impact of developments in neurobiological research on judging – aims to provide judges with new information about rapidly developing scientific research which illuminates practical difficulties encountered in judging.
  • Metadata and its influence on the judiciary – aims to expand participants’ awareness of the potential for new media to influence current law and practice.
  • Decision-Making in the Twenty First Century – will explore the demographic composition of 21st century Australia, and how it affects the work of the courts and the decisions they make. Speaker – Mr John Daley CEO Grattan Institute.
  • Bach, the brain and thinking – Dr John Carmody will explore the relationship between music and the mind.

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