Leadership Program 2013

Date: 2 to 3-May-2013
Cost: $1,100.00
Venue: Q Station, Manly NSW


The focus of the 2013 program will be on the qualities that a judge or tribunal member with leadership responsibilities needs to develop and on their practical application. The program will be based on discussion and exchange of experience between participants.

The aim of the Program is to help participants:

  • to examine their own leadership style
  • to consider their impact as leader on their court or tribunal
  • to identify how as leaders they can most effectively 
  • lead their court or tribunal
  • to identify organisational design options that will benefit in their court or tribunal
  • to give effect to their obligation to share the management of their court or tribunal
  • to foster collegiality, and enthusiasm to contribute to the work of the court or tribunal both inside, and outside, trials and hearing

The intention is that at the end of the program participants will:

  • have an understanding of what is effective leadership 
  • be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • have identified the things about their own leadership that need attention
  • be aware of their impact, as a leader, on members of the court/tribunal
  • understand the principles that sustain a strong court/tribunal culture and environment
  • have techniques to manage under performing or difficult members
  • have identified systems to assist members to manage their work life and careers
  • have identified a blue print for a successful start for a new member with leadership responsibilities
  • have identified strategies and skills for influencing key stakeholders
  • have a renewed commitment to their own wellbeing
  • be in a position to identify how they as individuals and as part of a group can have the most productive impact.

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The Program venue and accommodation will be atQ Station (www.qstation.com.au). Q Station is a 5 star hotel and conference centre positioned on 36 hectares of Sydney Harbour National Park at North Head, Sydney. The site incorporates original historical buildings and environmental sites with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour. It also offers a private beach, bush walking trails, bike riding, kayaking and other leisure activities.

Start and finish times

The Program commences at the Q station conference centre at 9.00am on Thursday 2 May 2013. All participants are asked not to make travel arrangements which would require them to leave before 5.00 pm on Friday 3 May 2013.

Registration fee

The registration fee for the Program includes lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea on both days and dinner at the venue on Thursday 2 May.


Accommodation is available at the venue at a cost of $230 per night including breakfast.


Participants are asked to make their own travel arrangements to and from the venue.