Program FAQ

Q. Is it possible to make arrangements for special requirements, including dietary or other?

A. Yes, provided the College has sufficient notice to arrange it. There is a space on the registration form for you to note these requirements.

Q. Does the College organise travel arrangements for program participants?

A. No, individual participants arrange their own travel.

Q. If I am unable to attend a program for any reason is the fee refunded to my court?

A.  Please see Terms & Conditions.

Q. What is the dress code for attendance at College programs?

A. Smart casual unless otherwise advised. 

Q.  When should I book my flights?

A. You need to factor in when the program officially opens/closes, local traffic issues and airline terms and conditions of arrival to estimate how much time you need to allow for arrival/departure.

Q.  How do I pay for any incidental expenditure I incur at the hotel?

A.  You pay for this on checkout.  Please note that most Hotels require an imprint of your credit card when checking in, to cover incidental expenditure that is individually incurred.

Will I have access to the Internet whilst attending a program?

A.  Most venues provide access to the Internet.  Please refer to the Hotel Terms and Conditions for Internet use.