Papers for: Current Issues in Sentencing Conference – 6-7 February 2016

Date: 6 to 7-Feb-2016

The conference will focus upon sentencing in the context of:

* sentencing and neuroscience – using neuro psychological evidence as a mitigating factor at sentence;
* Indigenous Australians – looking through the Indigenous lens, pathways to and from offending
* women in prison in Australia – can sentencing of women who are victims of abuse accommodate the social problems that underpin the offending? Is enough being done to keep women offenders from returning to prison? and;
* domestic violence cases – do crimes committed in the domestic context attract a lesser sentence than for other offences of comparable violence and, do specialist family violence courts actually work?

Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Kate Warner AM is the key note speaker and will open the program.

National Judicial Orientation Program – February 2016

Date: 21 to 26-Feb-2016

The primary objective of the program is to assist newly appointed judicial officers with their transition to judicial office by facilitating the development and refinement of the skills,knowledge and attitudes necessary for effective judging. The program will offer insights into the role and responsibilities of a member of the judiciary, provide the opportunity for new appointees to benefit from the knowledge and experience of senior judges who attend the program as speakers, and allow an exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.

Judgment Writing Program – March 2016

Date: 21 to 23-Mar-2016

This program has been developed for the Australian judiciary and is designed to enhance participants’ judgment writing skills through analysis, discussion and rewriting of judgments in small groups. The program is hands on and where participants are assisted by professional writers and senior judges.

Magistrates & Tribunals Orientation Program 2016

Date: 4 to 7-Sep-2016

** This program is full ** This national program brings a practical approach to professional development for new appointees. It will provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences through interactive workshops, problem solving exercises and skills-based learning.